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FAQ – ScrumTotal

Organization Registration

Open the URL provided in the ScrumTotal website and click Sign-Up. Fill the name and email to register your organization with, set password and click Sign-Up. Now login using the registered email and password, then follow the instructions written in the guided tour displayed on first time login.

Open the URL provided in the e-mail and log in to the application by using the credentials provided in the e-mail. Your e-mail id on which you have received the invitation e-mail from ScrumTotal, will be your username for logging into the application.

You can change the password through the ‘User Profile’ option available in the top right menu on the project dashboard.

Go to the top right menu and select help on any page.

Click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the ‘Log In’ page and provide your e-mail Id to reset your password. You will receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password.

Yes, through different emails registered.

No, your registered email address is unique to your account, so once an email is registered with an organization, it cannot be associated to another account.

Your organization’s account associated with ScrumTotal will expire after the expiry date of the organization license. You can also write an e-mail to the ScrumTotal support team to close the organization account before expiry.

Project Dashboard


Any member of the organization can create the project.

No, a project name remains unique for an organization.

Users added to the specific project team would be having access to those team projects only. While the Administrator or Super admin would have access to all the projects. The project creator has all the access to the corresponding project whether he/she is not a part of the team.

Users added to the specific project team, the Administrator, the Super Admin and the project creator can make any changes to the backlog.

A user can add himself/herself into a team and have all the access to that team.


Admin/super admin/the project creator and team members of any team in that project can create team in the project.

Yes, different teams can be created for a project but with different names.

Yes, ScrumTotal allows this flexibility for working in Scrum.

A user can be assigned with roles like ‘Product Owner’/ ‘Scrum Master’ / ‘Developer’.

No. A user can be assigned with a single role at a time in a team like ‘Product Owner’/ ‘Scrum Master’ / ‘Developer’. But the user can have different roles in different teams.

Yes. Any user aligned with the team can change its or other team member’s role any time.

Yes, the ScrumTotal provides feature of team versioning. In this, any already existing team can be used for another project. Also you can update this team by adding/removing team members in that.

Yes. You can see all the teams in your project but you will be unable to do anything unless and until you are a member of that team.

Team backlog

You can create single user story at a time by clicking “+ user story” button or you can import user stories in bulk using CSV import option. Bulk import can be done from local system or from drop box.

You can move a user story to that sprint.

Yes, you can drag and drop the user stories between team backlog and sprint backlog.

Yes, you can copy a user story to create new one using copy user story button placed with each user story in backlog section.

Yes, there are separate buttons provided with each user story to move between the backlogs.

Yes, you can view the old backlog items by selecting the old Sprints.

No, a backlog item can be assigned to a single person only at a time.

Yes, you can set priority by changing the stack ranks of the backlog items.

There could be some stories that are not assigned to any particular team or could be created even before the team formation. All the users in a project will have visibility to those stories. They can be moved to the individual team backlog or the Sprint backlog.

Yes, you can import CSV files or from Dropbox, and the system would guide you with a suitable format for the same.


As soon as you create a team, the corresponding sprint backlog gets created simultaneously. You can move the user stories to ‘Sprint Backlog’ from ‘Team Backlog’ or ‘User stories without home’ to plan a sprint.

You can start a sprint by clicking the ‘Start Sprint’ button visible on the sprint backlog and entering the start date and end date of the sprint. If a sprint is scheduled, then it will start automatically as per the scheduled date.

Only Product owner and Scrum master can start and stop the sprint.

You can stop a sprint by clicking the ‘Stop’ button display on the sprint backlog anytime, otherwise the sprint will stop automatically as per the scheduled ‘End Date’ of the sprint.

Yes. you can schedule a sprint with future date.

No, there is no way to change the dates of a sprint after it has started.

Yes, ScrumTotal has the functionality to automatically start and end sprints.

Yes, you can do this by going through the work items individually.

The backlog item would automatically move to the next sprint.

Yes, there can be multiple sprints running at the same time in the same project for different teams.

Yes, you can view by selecting the sprints from the dropdown menu provided.

Yes, you can track by looking at the timesheets.

A user story can be marked as completed by clicking the ‘Mark as Complete’ button only after completing the corresponding Tasks/Bugs/Impediments.

You can see the closed user stories by clicking the ‘Closed User stories’ tab in the backlog session. The ‘close user stories’ tab will display only if there is any closed user story.

Yes, you can remove user stories from the sprint backlog until the sprint is started.


It gets automatically started when the sprint starts and also gets updated instantly with the logged hours.

No. Only week days are displayed in the burn down chart.

Yes, there is velocity chart provided in ‘Charts’ section to track the velocity of all the sprints in the selected Project/Team.

You can see the burn down chart for previous sprints by selecting the old sprint from the “Sprint” drop down.


Yes, ScrumTotal generates the reports for Closed User Stories, Bug, Impediments, log hours for the running sprint.


You can fill the hours against each of your assignment by clicking the “Timesheet” option on the left navigation panel or by clicking the ‘Log Hours’ button available in the Task/Bug/Impediment, only after the sprint starts.

Yes. You can update the filled hours any time before the sprint ends.


Just go to our Help/Feedback section. We want ScrumTotal to be your application, so feel free to provide the suggestions at your will. If your ideas are innovative, we will implement them.

Admin Dashboard

User Management

Yes, you can add more users to your account only if you are an admin/super admin. You can create users in admin dashboard and accordingly you can purchase license. Also ScrumTotal provides the functionality for bulk import of users through CSV.

a. Use another email account if possible
b. Ask the ScrumTotal support team to delete that user’s email from database so that it can be reused

Yes, an organization can have multiple Admins at a time. The super admin/admin can change the role of any user to admin at any time. But an organization can have only one super admin at a time.

The user who first registered the organization is the super admin of that organization and his e-mail account is treated as the organization’s mail account.

Yes, any admin can be changed to super admin of the organization, but only by the existing admin/super admin. After that the organization’s mail account will be associated with the changed super admin’s e-mail.

Yes, only the admin/super admin can activate or deactivate the user’s account by editing.

As of now, ScrumTotal doesn’t provide user’s privilege to delete his/her own account. Only Super Admin/Admin has the rights to delete a user account.

License Management

You need to create an account to try ScrumTotal. You can move to the “Sign In/Sign up” page through the URL provided in the ScrumTotal Web Site. Just click on the “sign up” button, follow the guide tour (prompt) and you will be in the ScrumTotal dashboard.
You can use ScrumTotal free for 30 days, with no obligations, no credit card, no payment needed.

The trial period is 30 days, with no obligations and no credit card, no payment required.

We will send you a mail even before the trial period is over, and when it actually expires. Your account will still stay open and your data will be preserved, but if we don’t hear from you, or if you don’t sign up for paid subscription within 60 days then we will close your account.

Yes, your trial account is a full ScrumTotal application on the web, iPhone and Android, without any limitations.

Yes, you are free to add as many people as you like, for free.

The trial period ends and the license duration starts after assigning the license to the user. Remaining days of the trial period will be lapsed.

To keep things simple, we have monthly subscription. The price is free for 15 users, after 15 users you pay $6.99 per user/month. It’s the same price per user no matter how many users you have. If you want to subscribe for a significantly longer period please feel free to contact us. We are here to serve you for a long time.

The price is free for 15 users, after 15 users you pay $6.99 per user per month times the number of months. You can add and remove users at any time without having to change your subscription.

Go to the “License Management” tab in the left navigation bar of ScrumTotal. Then click the “Purchase” button and enter the details. You must be admin/super admin in ScrumTotal to do this.

Yes, you can cancel ScrumTotal subscription any time and/or continue to use ScrumTotal till your monthly subscription ends.

You pay with the credit card or PayPal when you purchase license for the paid subscription.

You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

No, we do not store your Credit Card information.

Yes, we will send you an invoice via email after you purchase the license for the paid subscription.

There is only one paid subscription. It’s the full ScrumTotal without any limitations.

No, sorry. However you can avail the trial subscription for a month.

No, sorry, we don’t have a free version. However we are here to edify the world on the value Scrum brings to your life. So feel free to contact us.

No, it’s the same price per user regardless of the number of users. If you want to subscribe for a significantly longer period please feel free to contact us. We are here to serve you for a long time.

The admin/super admin can track the expiry dates of the individual licenses on the ‘Organization License’ page. Also, the admin/super admin can see the list of expired licenses on the same page in the “Expired Licenses’ section.

Yes. The admin/super admin can delete the license of a user and can assign the same license to other user on the ‘Organization License’ page.

Org Info

Yes. The admin/super admin can see and edit the organization information like Name, Web URL, and Address in the Org. Info page inside Admin Dashboard. But cannot change the e-mail account of the organization.

Recycle bin

Yes. The only the admin/super admin can view the deleted items like ‘Users’, ‘User Stories’ and Work items’ in the ‘Recycle Bin’ page inside Admin Dashboard.

System log

Yes. The admin/super admin can view the log report of the recent activities in the application through the ‘System log’ page inside the Admin Dashboard.

General Questions

ScrumTotal sends automated email notifications to users associated with the projects/teams regarding work items assignments and sprint activities.

ScrumTotal ensures high security and full privacy of your data. ScrumTotal is hosted in a fully secure and firewalled production environment at Azure.

ScrumTotal is hosted at Azure with enterprise-class availability, reliability, and security.

No, sorry, ScrumTotal is a cloud-based application with the online and mobile versions hosted by us, so you won’t be able to host it on your own servers. This is to keep things simple and provide consistent experience and updates.

We provide free support via email. In many cases, you’ll get a response within 24 hours. Just write us at

ScrumTotal runs in all major browsers including Internet Explorer 9 or above, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.

ScrumTotal is a full featured truly mobile based application with the presence on web as well. We have kept the tool relatively light so that you can inter-operate via mobile phone (Android and iPhone) plus save time juggling through a lot of features. ScrumTotal mobile app is designed to help you learn and practice true Scrum, letting you focus more on the product than the management of the product.

How it works?

ScrumTotal Mobile App Instructional Video

ScrumTotal Instructional Video for Web Application