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Key Features

Android App

Android phone users can get the ScrumTotal app on GooglePlay which is designed specifically for Android phones. You’ll need to have Android version 4.0 or newer. The scrum app is simple, easy to use and lets you do all that you can do on the Web based scrum application. The Android app is free to install!

iOS App

Apple users can install ScrumTotal iOS app. ScrumTotal designed primarily for the iPhone it allows you to conduct Scrum from anywhere, anytime. The app will run on Apple iPhone supporting iOS 8. The scrum app is robust with all the features available on the Web based scrum application. The iOS scrum app is free to install!

Our Technology

The most intuitive, friendly and robust online Scrum tool, ScrumTotal is simple, but still covers all of the common usage scenarios in agile Scrum. It is a cloud-based web application which works on Android and iOS devices. The sync-up feature on mobile and desktop allows to use it on the go. The online payment license management tool supports PayPal and all major credit cards.


About Us

ScrumTotal is a 100% Scrum-based tool founded in 2014 by Simple Agile Corporation. We are based in Seattle, USA. We are presenting the simplest and most intuitive Scrum Tool on the market. This scrum tool is available on Web, iPhone and Android phones. Android and iPhone version of the app has been very carefully developed to address the need of mobile, geographically dispersed teams. Even though it is lightweight it covers all of the common usage scenarios in Scrum. Each and every feature of the application has been chosen carefully so that we could keep the tool lightweight and help you become agile.

ScrumTotal is also an excellent tool to learn Scrum. You could learn Scrum in a right way and use the tool to increase productivity significantly even if you are not in the IT world. We are passionate about making life simple. We have a strong background in creating awesome user experience and world class software that organizations ranging from small startups to large enterprises could trust.


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